Lemming Ball Z

8670 Alpha

Fight Like a Lemming but in Dragon Ball Z style



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Lemming Ball Z is an original action game that mixes the famous Lemmings and the bloody struggles of Dragon Ball Z.

The goal of the game is by using movements that require speed and precision to wipe out the opponents You will have the choice between several characters typical of the famous Japanese series such as Vegeta, Piccolo or Songoku.

Lemming Ball Z features several game modes: single game against the CPU, 2 player game and multiplayer game via Internet or local network.

The famous life waves, which many times have you seen in the series, or that fly like a super warrior are two basic steps to survive in this great fighting game.

The game's minimum requirements are: 1 GHz processor, 256 MB of RAM and an nVidia video card or ATI with 64 MB of memory.

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